Praise and Criticism from Thoughtful Readers

Over at Crime and Consequences, Kent Scheidegger comments on our NYT Op Ed, proposals: here

At, agreeing that “If anything, the blizzard of habeas cases in the federal courts hurts the innocent, because it’s harder for their habeas petitions to stand out amongst the mass of frivolous cases. Money currently devoted to litigating these thousands of petitions would be better served upgrading the public-defender system.”– here

Doug Berman’s post about the book and NYT Op Ed,at Sentencing Law and Policy: here

Q & A with Don Dripps at CrimProf Blog, here

Nita Farahany says “provocative” op ed “touched off a hailstorm across the country,” at Law and Biosciences Digest, here

 And on, here

Cornell Law professors John Blume, Sheri Johnson, and Keir Weyble take aim at our NYU article,  Rethinking the Federal Role in State Criminal Justice, with this response:  In Defense of Noncapital Habeas

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